The shipbroker the world trusts

Maersk Broker is a global shipbroking company with over a century of experience, a worldwide presence, unrivalled dedication to customers and an irrepressible spirit of creative problem-solving.

We provide shipbroking services covering all segments and sizes, along with cutting-edge financial services.

In everything we do, we always start with you – creating opportunities that can make a positive difference to your business.

Our heritage, global reach, dedication and creativity explain why we are known as the shipbrokers the world trusts.

Heritage: More than a century of valuable experience

Since founded in 1914 by Mr. A.P. Møller as a small, independent Danish shipbroking operation, we have come a long way in terms of business volume and global reach.

Our business culture and values were established by Mr. A.P. Møller and reaffirmed by his son, Mr. Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller. The company is now guided by the Møller family. Maersk Broker balances tradition and heritage with the demanding requirements of modern ship brokerage in a never ending effort to be recognized by customers as their first choice.


Global / Local

In 1951, Maersk Broker inaugurated its first overseas office in London and in 1963 shipbroking activities were commenced in Tokyo. Since then, we have continually expanded our market coverage by opening offices in most of the major shipping centres around the world.

Our emphasis on establishing close working relationships with our customers locally, enables us to better understand their needs and preferences, whilst simultaneously being able to share our views, analysis and interpretation of global trends and developments.

Ever conscious of the local demands created by a continuously changing shipping market, we shall maintain – and where relevant expand – our network of offices across the world as a key element in offering the best possible shipbroking services.

We are currently represented in 15 countries, with 18 offices and more than 250 brokers and other staff working to ensure that you receive the most appropriate and accurate business intelligence required for your specific business proposition.

Dedication: Focused on meeting your needs

We constantly strive to understand the needs, requirements and developments within the many different markets in which we are active. The phrase “no stone left unturned” represents our commitment to identifying the most attractive business propositions for our customers.

We remain dedicated to ensure a clear understanding of all issues that might influence a potential business decision. This also applies to all services provided by Maersk Broker subsequent to the conclusion of any business, be it throughout a long term charter or during the construction of a newbuilding.

In short, we need to understand and to know the customers’ wants and needs.

Creativity: What makes our masterminds tick ?

To us, the development of creative business propositions involves balancing opportunity with cautious risk management and diligent protection of our customers’ interests at all times.

We pride ourselves in having some of the best analysts in the business and our customers benefit from up-to-the-minute business intelligence. But what really sets our teams apart is our belief and expertise in creative problem-solving since not even the best data translates automatically into the perfect business proposition. Our brokers thrive on creative problem-solving.