10/12/2018 Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering and Wonsild Dry will merge as of January 2019

We are pleased to announce that Wonsild Dry will merge with and become a fully integrated part of Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering as of January 2019.

The cooperation between Maersk Broker and Wonsild Dry started in 2016 when Maersk Broker became a major shareholder of Wonsild Dry. Since then, synergies from a combined organisation have become increasingly apparent and as a positive consequence, we have now agreed to move forward as one entity.

Wonsild Dry and Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering share the view that increasing expectations and demands from clients in a highly competitive dry bulk market will require best in class broking services both commercially and operationally. We are certain that a combined global organisation will create a stronger platform for further growth and, indeed, a company that will be able to service our many loyal clients even better in the future. Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering will continue to invest considerable resources in terms of business development including enhanced Research, and Digital solutions.

The offices of Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering and Wonsild in Copenhagen and Singapore respectively will be combined. The Wonsild teams in Hong Kong and Bangkok will complement the existing network of Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering offices across the world – London, Hamburg, Dubai, Delhi, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo – adding to the depth of our global reach.

As from 1st January 2019, our combined activities will be trading as Maersk Broker Bulk

Wonsild’s tanker activities will not be affected by or be part of this transaction.

For any questions, please contact either of the undersigned.

Kind regards,
Frank Kehlskov Mortensen
CEO, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering A/S
Direct Line: +45 33 44 15 32

Bjarne Wium-Ullerichs
Managing Director/Partner, Wonsild Dry
Direct Line: +45 33 74 99 78

Claes Devantier
Member of Executive Board, Maersk Broker K/S
Direct Line: +45 33 44 15 09

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