The broker lifestyle

Our brokers are available to our customers 24/7. Our brokers thrive on delivering the most attractive business propositions for our customers and they excel by bringing value to our customers’ business and solving problems on their behalf. They are in it for the thrill of hard work and to have fun at the same time.

They are imbued with the classic hallmarks of a great broker: commitment, drive and passion.

Career paths: Rewarding careers in shipbroking and Advisory Services

Maersk Broker offer a wide range of career paths mainly within shipbroking and advisory services. As a shipbroker you may begin your career as a trainee; after graduation you will gradually work your way up the ladder to become a senior broker.

In contrast, the Advisory Services department is recruiting for a variety of roles including maritime asset managers, financial advisors, business analysts or researchers.

Careers in shipbroking

From trainee to senior shipbroker


Shipbroker trainee

Although we hire shipbrokers at all stages along the path to becoming a senior shipbroker, many of our brokers start by joining our Shipbroker Trainee Programme. This programme includes on-the-job training as well as e-learning and classroom training. To become a trainee with Maersk Broker, we prefer applicants who have a bachelor degree, commercial mind-set, high proficiency in written and spoken English, and most importantly, considerable sense of drive and a  profound interest in the fascinating world of international shipbroking.



Trainee - Maersk Broker

At Maersk Broker you will typically start your career by supporting experienced brokers, but you can also have your own accounts. Day-to-day responsibilities include developing and maintaining a client portfolio, keeping in touch with ship owners, charterers, brokers and yards, taking part in contract negotiations and helping to develop projects.

While you gradually gain experience you will assume more responsibility, cultivating and expanding your customer base, identifying and seizing new opportunities, working more closely with other Maersk Broker teams and helping to train less-experienced brokers. Slowly but surely, you will take on more advanced roles such as key client leads.

Outside hires that join Maersk Broker at this level will already have an established network within the industry, along with a flair for exploiting commercial opportunities and proven analytical and interpersonal skills.


Senior shipbroker

As a senior shipbroker you tend to fall into one of three categories: “People managers”, who are responsible for an entire segment worldwide; “senior director”; or “global head”.  A senior broker is given the opportunity to head a national or regional office, to managing people or to be in charge of a particular sub-segment. Alternatively, you have the possibility to be senior discipline experts and to be responsible for a sub-segment, but without direct people management responsibilities.

Careers in Advisory Services

A wide range of advisory and analytical career opportunities


Maritime asset manager

Maritime asset managers advise clients - either companies or various investment funds - on maritime assets and execute asset management projects on behalf of the client. Day-to-day responsibilities include preparing tailored reports, sourcing vessels, facilitating ship registration, helping to secure project financing and insurance as well as managing vessel employment, technical maintenance, crewing, newbuilding sites and other activities.

We prefer applicants to have a strong financial background and a commercial mind-set.


Financial advisor

Financial advisors in our Corporate Finance department work with financial and commercial restructuring services, boutique-style sourcing and placement of senior debt, mezzanine-capital and equity-capital structures in the international institutional capital market as well as ad-hoc consultancy and business development services. New hires for this position will have several years of relevant experience in finance (not necessarily within shipping), along with a proven talent for spotting opportunities. They must have the ambition to see projects through to a successful outcome.


Business analyst

Our business analysts engage in a broad spectrum of traditional corporate finance service activities. Our focal point is debt and equity capital sourcing on behalf of external clients for maritime corporate and project structures, as well as financial restructuring of projects and corporate legal entities.

Business analysts joining Maersk Broker are normally expected to have at least eight years of relevant experience – including direct transaction experience – along with proven analytical, modelling and advisory skills. Maritime industry experience is beneficial, but not a requirement.



Maersk Broker’s Research department provides clients and the global Maersk Broker organisation with high-quality market intelligence, analysis and tailor-made studies on various shipping markets. Our researchers study everything from energy and commodity markets – the drivers of maritime transport demand – to the vessel supply market, including fleet, pricing and trade analysis in key shipping markets. They conduct research into fleet efficiencies and operational costs, supply-chain and infrastructure-related options and constraints. Most of our researchers hold a Master’s degree in economics, business or engineering, and have a background in the maritime industry.