Truly Independent, Truly Global, Truly Unique

Our approach to hiring and career development is summed up in the Maersk Broker employer value proposition: Truly independent, truly global, truly unique

We are truly independent

Founded by A.P. Møller in 1914, we have a strong heritage. A heritage that we are proud of.  Yet Maersk Broker stand on its own two feet. We have made a name for ourselves as top of the class brokers.

We are truly global

With offices in main shipping-centres across the world, 250 of us are available to our global customer base and potential clients wherever and whenever.

We are a global competitor with local shipbrokers and we cover all segments of shipbroking; therefore we are able to meet every need our clients might have.

We are truly unique

We offer our employees a unique opportunity to become part of an international organisation. With 17 offices and a global customer base, the opportunities are plentiful. You can start your career at headquarters in Copenhagen, relocate closer to the shipping hub in Singapore, or jump on the wagon of the growing shipping markets in Asia.