Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering

Whether you are looking to charter a bulk carrier or to employ a vessel in the spot market Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering have vast experience of successfully concluding voyage charters, trip time charters, period charter parties as well as industrial contracts including contracts of affreightment.

Having a team of dedicated period brokers around the globe, we pride ourselves on holding the very latest information and market guidance for the chartering of bulk carriers for long-term periods of one-year duration up to twenty years.

Working closely alongside operators, industrial end-users, trading companies as well as ship-owners of course - we have built up a second-to-none service within the sphere of tonnage procurement. Such business is extremely sensitive to market changes and technological advancements, and counter-party risk is at the heart of any long-term relationship. At Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering we do all that is possible to provide the best of information for our clients to make the right match.

In late 2015, Maersk Broker Bulk Chaterting became a strategic partner of Wonsild Dry in order to deliver an even better service and a wider range of products to our clients within the dry bulk sector. Wonsild was fully merged with Maersk Broker in January 2019. 

The bulk market is highly volatile – and we recognise the need to have highly skilled market brokers who are specialised in all ship sizes, specific trade lanes as well as geographic areas. Our market brokers work globally from our offices in Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Seattle Singapore, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok and New Delhi, making sure that we can provide a swift and efficient service regardless of where our customers conduct their business.

In 2017, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering formed a new dry cargo joint venture with Stratos Albis Schiff named Maersk Broker Albis Bulk Chartering GmbH. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany. Our combined portfolio of clients, we are certain, will derive maximum advantage from our combined experienced and comprehensive knowledge.  

1st of January 2019, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering became a major shareholder of NAODAN Chartering. We are confident that this new venture will increase our joint presence within the Pacific market and on a global scale.

By entering the US West Coast, West Coast Canada and the Alaskan market place, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering will be able to continue to grow our business within the dry cargo chartering market.

Through our relationships with cargo clients and industrial end-users, we are able to effectively make the match between the cargo and the ship. By having direct links with a vast majority of the major bulk shipping players around the world, we are able to provide a truly global coverage.


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