Our Operations Team handles all matters between Owners and Charteres after a vessel has been fixed.

Maersk Broker offer the Owner and the Charterer of container vessels quick and secure access to Charter Parties and various other postfixture information via our unique E-Operations system – a secure website and an efficient and effective tool in handling time chartering postfixture

We guarantee confidentiality. The E-Operations server uses secure protocols to handle all transactions and you will only see data that is associated with your own transactions.

E-Operation Login

The main purpose of E-ops is to enable owners and charterers to access and share information faster, providing a central overview of hire statements, owner's expenses, schedules and more. 

E-Operation can also be used to request and approve arrangements for Cash To Master and IMO Cargo Requests.

In case you want to learn more about the E-Operation functionalities, we would be more than pleased to give you a demonstration.

Access to E-Ops

If you need to access an existing container fixture and have not yet been introduced to the system, kindly send an e-mail to container.ops.dk@maerskbroker.com

You will then receive user credentials for your easy guidance through the system.

If you are an existing user, please log-on via our digital platform using the button below: