How to apply

Our recruitment process begins with an online application and may be followed by online tests and interviews if you fit the job.

Our recruitment process

At Maersk Broker, the recruitment process starts once you have submitted your online application. To ensure fair and equal treatment of all applicants, only applications submitted online will be considered.

When re-viewing your application, we use a combination of assessment tools and personal interviews to determine how well you match the position you have applied for. If your background truly fits the job in question, you will be invited to complete two brief online assessments: a logical assignment and a personality test.

Together with your application and your CV, the two tests will be used to determine whether you will be shortlisted as a candidate for the job.

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If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a first interview conducted by our human resources team. The interview will focus on your personal skills, your capabilities as well as your level of motivation. At the interview you will be given feedback on your online assessments.

A second shortlist will then be compiled, and the successful candidates will be invited to a second round of interview which will be conducted by a business manager. This session will go into detail about your professional- and educational background as well as your expectations for the position and the future.

The duration of the recruitment process is 4 to 6 weeks.