Sanctions Policy

Maersk Broker K/S and all subsidiaries and affiliated companies including but not limited to Maersk Broker (UK) Limited, Maersk Broker Asia Limited, Maersk Broker India Private Limited, Maersk Broker (Shanghai) Limited, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering Asia Limited, Maersk Broker Korea Limited, Maersk Broker Hellas Ltd., Maersk Broker America Inc., Maersk Broker Albis Bulk Chartering GmbH, Themba Shipbrokers (Pty) Ltd., Maersk Broker Middle East DMC EST, Maersk Broker Germany GmbH, Maersk Broker Holding A/S, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering A/S, Maersk Broker Advisory Services A/S, Lanic A/S, Kennedy Marr Group Ltd., Kennedy Marr Ltd. and Kennedy Marr Offshore (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Wonsild Dry ApS (hereafter referred to as "Maersk Broker") intend to act at all times in accordance with UN, U.S., EU sanctions and any applicable local sanction laws. You hereby agree that in all dealings with Maersk Broker including, but not limited to, any business that Maersk Broker facilitates or assists with, that you shall comply at all times with these sanctions. 

Maersk Broker will not deal with any sanctioned or designated person and/or entity and/or vessel and you are required to inform us immediately if any such person(s), entities and/or vessels are involved in this business. Your continued instructions to us constitute acceptance of these terms. Should you have any questions on this issue then you should contact us directly. 

This is our contact information: 

Maersk Broker K/S
Midtermolen 1
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Phone: 3344 1400
CVR 24247791