Valuation Services

Maersk Broker acts as an official and independent valuer of physical assets across all major shipping segments. Our global presence and extensive experience is trusted by ship owners, major banks, capital funds, and operators for whom we perform in excess of 10,000 yearly valuations. 

How we work

Our practice goes beyond looking at only the replacement value of the vessel to determine its current worth. Using our extensive database, we take into account previous deals for similar vessels in the market to assess the market’s willingness to pay. This practice allows for the valuation to reflect current market dynamics and trends, which especially becomes crucial in unprecedented times. We consider an extensive list of relevant variables that can have an enhancing or diminishing impact on the vessel’s value. 

We truly understand the demand for innovative digital solutions across the shipping value chain, and here we offer you access to our Valuation Platform where your valuation operations can be managed efficiently and securely. 

Our valuation services can be arranged through volume agreements or through ad hoc requests, which we are happy to tailor according to your needs. 

For the Dry Bulk, Tanker and Container sectors, we offer a fixed range of publications from weekly reports, monthly fleet updates to longer term forecasts and trends based on the latest data available.