Maersk Broker Advisory Services

Maersk Broker Advisory Services is a maritime boutique-style consulting department within Maersk Broker, providing innovative and tailored capital and consultancy solutions to a broad range of stakeholders in the maritime sector. We leverage on the maritime industry expertise and insights from Maersk Broker combined with access to research resources and industry experts.

Setting us apart


Our Approach

We believe that applying commercial sense and logic in a combination with qualitative and quantitative analysis will give clients the best decision-making tools in their efforts to pursue commercially viable solutions. With this approach, we aim to assist our clients best possible.


Our Expertise

The core of the team consists of senior executives with more than 25+ years’ industry experience that comes from a commercial and asset finance background. This we flavour with quantitative analysts, which enables us to focus on our core competencies: Capital, Corporate Finance, Consultancy, and Valuation Services. 

Service offerings


We provide innovative financial  advice and solutions to our clients within the Maritime Industry. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to understand and solve complex financial issues with tailored approaches.  We are bridging asset owners with leasing institutions, banks and investors. In particular we have strong ties to the Chinese financial institutions.

  • Analysing possibilities for financing of assets, projects and commercial platforms
  • Detailed negotiation and execution support in alternative finance structures 
  • Advise, structuring and execution on ship leasing deals especially in the Chinese market


Corporate Finance

We assist our clients with raising capital in virtually every stage of financing from seed capital to senior lending. We have a strong network of investors within equity investments and players active in junior- and senior-lending.

  • We advise on capital structures for project finance and assist in finding suitable partners
  • Our strong network enables us to assist both refinancing and the raise of corporate debt
  • Capable of facilitating and securing flexible financial structures and solutions



We tailor teams to the problem by combining senior resources with maritime industry knowledge and combined with strong analytical capabilities from specialists to deliver practical and commercial sensible solutions.

  • Strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory  
  • Tailored market research, supply and demand as well as peer group analysis, in order to build the outlook for decision making
  • Commercial due diligence in connection with asset or loan acquisitions  



Valuation Services

Being one of the largest global shipbrokers, we possess in-depth knowledge of all aspects of shipping. Valuations are mainly completed as large volume contracts, but we can also accommodate ad-hoc requests at the sharpest rates possible.

  • Our vast experience ensures key factors such as current charter markets, scrap prices, bunker prices, and currency fluctuations are contemplated
  • We hold large volume contracts with more than 40 clients, including major banks, institutional investors, fund managers, insurers, ship owners, and operators
  • We offer a valuation portal with tools to request and track asset price developments

Further reading

We have prepared a short presentation of our services and made it available for download via this link >>


Contact information

For more information, please call or email one of our colleagues:

Jesper Bo Hansen

T:  +45 3344 1430

Christian Treu

T:  +45 3344 1431

Daniel Asger Cáceres Larsen

T:  +45 3344 1433

Mads Præstengaard

T:  +45 4041 4837

Emil Vøhlert

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Kristoffer Visbjerg

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Rebecca Sun

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William Norvold Bjørn

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Lotte Vormslev Lennert

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Asger Fenger

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